HCSD Acceptable Use for Students


  • Access and use technology to support learning
  • Help prepare students for success
  • Parents can decide not to let their child use the technology.

Defining Use

  • Respect and protect privacy of others
    • use only your account and password
    • keep passwords and information private
  • Respect and protect security
    • Report problems to teacher
    • Obey all restrictions
    • Don’t go to places without permission
  • Respect and protect items that belong to others
    • don’t copy things that don’t belong to you
    • give credit to the work of others
  • Respect and practice working with others
    • be kind and respectful
    • report things that make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe
    • don’t access inappropriate content
    • don’t buy, sell, advertise using the school technology
  • What you can/may do
    • design and create web pages for school items
    • use the computer and other tools for educational purposes
    • must have teacher’s permission using the technology

Consequences for not following the rules

  • Technology usage can be taken away.
  • Suspension or Expulsion (kicked out of school)


  • Devices should always be handled with care.  Students need to be responsible when carrying devices.  Use BOTH hands and hold close to your body.
  • The device’s screen can be damaged if subjected to rough treatment. The screens are particularly sensitive to damage from excessive pressure on the screen.
  • Do not lean on the top of the device when it is closed.
  • Do not place anything near the device that could put pressure on the screen.
  • Do not touch the screen.
  • Do not “bump” the device against lockers, walls, floors, etc. as it will eventually break the screen.
  • Students are NOT to change any settings on the device without the direct consent of the teacher
  • When plugging the device in to charge, be very careful inserting the charger as this an extremely fragile area on the device.
  • Students are not permitted to delete or install apps.
  • When removing the device from the cart, pull out slightly with one hand and use the other hand to unplug it.
  • DON’T tamper with the labels.
  • Only use the device number assigned to you. (Double check.)