Teaching licenses are an essential credential educators must have to be able to teach in public schools; however, the process of obtaining and upgrading licenses can be confusing and difficult to manage.  The Hamilton City School District has created an open source comprehensive solution that allows districts to simplify the process in a useful and relevant way at a minimally low cost.  This new semi-automated system has reduced costs for the district, proven to reduce and prevent errors, saved time and increased efficiency.  We will share the process that only costs a district about $250 a year to manage and maintain with participants.  This is NOT a vendor session.  All resources are strictly open source, and we are not looking to gain any profit in any way.  We are simply educators looking to provide a platform for districts to use to make tracking professional development and renewing a license more efficient and manageable.


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 Tricia Smith  Chris Rose
 Technology Instructional Coach  Technology Integration Coordinator
Hamilton City School District Hamilton City School District
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Code available for Formidable Pro and MyCred to work together


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