Five+ Free, StraightForward, Formative Assessment Tools to Use in a Flash


Most teachers are pretty cognizant of the level of their students’ overall knowledge and understanding. The power of incorporating formative assessment, however, is that it helps us to take our classroom one step further—to really find out how each of our students is doing and then adapt our instruction accordingly.

Education has long been plagued with far too much to do and far too little time to do it. We should be on the hunt for technology tools that can speed up the formative assessment piece of our work.  In the process, we are likely to uncover ways to better engage students, to improve our feedback, and to help expand and deepen their learning.  The operative word here is “time.” Teachers are constantly looking for resources and materials to address these standards. Searching out and locating effective formative assessment tools demands time, which is a luxury that most teachers can not afford.  

Well, the hunt is over!  This Educational session will cover 5+ web-based formative assessment tools to use in the classroom.  Attendees will be able to use the resources presented in their classroom immediately giving back time to planning and delivering effective instruction to all students.


Presenter Information

Tricia Smith

Instructional Technology Coach
Hamilton City School District [email protected]

Tricia serves as the Instructional Technology Coach for the Hamilton City School District. This is her 4th year in this position. Before becoming a coach, she worked as a classroom teacher in grades 3-8 for 21 years.  She has spent her entire career of 25 years in the Hamilton City School District.

Supplemental Resources

OETC17 Handout Five+ Free, StraightForward, Formative Assessment Tools to Use in a Flash


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