Orange Slice, yes please!  Looking for a handy and productive tool to help streamline all of those writing samples?  Orange Slice is a new Google Add-on that offers both teacher and student rubrics that can be completely customized based on our very own HCSD Rubrics.  There is an added bonus that it plays nicely with Google Classroom and makes it super easy to evaluate student work in Docs.

The Orange Slice Teacher Rubric allows teachers to add rubrics to students’ assignments to grading.  The Orange Slice Student Rubric is designed for group collaborations or peer reviewing.  Students could add the Orange Slice Student Rubric add-on to their own accounts to evaluate their classmates’ work or their own work, once the teacher sets up the Teacher Rubric.

It’s oh so easy to get started:

  1. Open a Doc.  From the top toolbar, go to Add ons.  Get Add ons will appear on the bottom of the pull-down menu.  At the Chrome Store, search for the Orange Slice Rubrics.
  2. Go back to your document and from the pull-down, select Score Rubric.  A menu will open on the right side and ask questions about performance levels, grade options, and categories.  You can choose pre-existing categories or add blank rows and customize the criteria.  (Copy and Paste our HCSD rubric information into the blank rows.)  Once you hit Create Rubric, the rubric will appear in your document.  The box on the right allows you to edit for Rubric type (analysis and holistic) and point values.
  3. After you process the grade, the rubric will highlight the selected indicators and automatically calculate the grade.  You can easily return both the score and the rubric to students with indicators highlighted.

Matt Buchanon, the developer of the Orange Slice Google Add on, offers numerous tutorials for Orange Slice on his YouTube Channel.  He also offers additional ways to use other existing tools and transform it into a kid-friendly rubric for the lower grades.

Orange Slice is definitely a tool to use with all content, grade levels, and abilities!  Not to mention, it certainly can make grading writing more efficient and flexible for the teacher and promote authentic assessment and student growth.