Written by Rebecca Ware

Teachers at Riverview use technology in a variety of ways. Each child in grades K – 6 have the ability to use a device, whether it be a Chromebook or an iPad, to make learning fun and engaging. Here are just a few examples of how teachers are integrating technology into their daily teaching practices.

Mrs. Linneman’s class uses iPads daily. Each student works on a skill they need to practice. These games are letter sounds, rhyming and sight words! Ms. McCormick’s first grade class practices their red words (sight words) using the iPads! The students use iPads during centers every afternoon

Ms. Henry’s 6th graders use technology in her classroom daily to bring lessons to life and differentiate. She uses Google Classroom as a place for students to keep all resources in one place.  She uses websites like spellingcity.com and noredink.com to help make otherwise mundane activities fun and accessible on every student’s individual level.

Second grade recently began logging into Schoology and using Spelling resources.  We have enjoyed using Kahoot as an assessment tool to monitor comprehension of text.

In Kindergarten, Ms. Heis utilizes the iPads in class in small groups. The students use different apps to focus on varying skills, depending on individual skill needs. Some students are focusing on letter formation. Other students have been working on math skills. Two girls in the picture are working on first grade skills as they prepare for next year. They use ABC Mouse since it is differentiated to meet the students’ current level of progress and works at their own pace. The students love the games and that they earn tickets that they can redeem for prizes.